Harquebus is an intelligence and security consultancy serving multi-national corporations and the governments of UK’s partners.

Harquebus staff are former military, police and civilian intelligence officers with backgrounds in intelligence and security operations, counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency up to government level. Using our military and corporate experience, Harquebus can deliver cost-effective measures to give you enduring situational advantage. We employ current UK and US intelligence and security practices to improve your operating environment and have a successful record of delivery to partner governments, multi-nationals, non-governmental organisations, and individuals worldwide.

Risk Consultancy
Harquebus provides risk-management and crisis-management functions to protect reputation, assets and wealth..
Harquebus can map complex business environments to identify threats and opportunities to reduce your risks and to develop competitive advantage. Our follow-up work includes implementing intelligence and security measures to influence and control your operating environment. Harquebus personnel have risk-managed operations in the UK and overseas for military, government and corporate clients. Our input can be provided in the form of proactive risk-management activities to enhance protection and improve business or reactive crisis-management activities to reduce impact and accelerate recovery.

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Intelligence and Security Training
As the former providers of UK Defence intelligence and security training, Harquebus delivers operationally relevant courses to enhance intelligence and security capability.
Harquebus’s staff were formerly the principal officers and instructors of the UK’s Defence Intelligence School at Chicksands. To improve your intelligence and security capacity, Harquebus can design and deliver training across the spectrum of intelligence and security services. With currency and experience, our training teams will design and deliver courses (which will be based on current British military, police and civilian intelligence and security practices) to bridge the gap between your vision and generating an enduring capability.

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Harquebus provides consultancy support for programmes and projects to develop intelligence and security capacity.

As intelligence and security subject-matter experts (SMEs), Harquebus can support your intelligence and security projects by providing qualified project-support consultants or experienced project managers. Our intelligence and security consultants are particularly suited to assist teams developing new capabilities as well as those seeking to improve the interoperability and operating processes of extant systems.