Risk Consultancy

Consultants for Risk Management and Crisis Management

To reduce risk and develop competitive advantage for its clients, Harquebus is able to map complex business environments and highlight threats and opportunities. The follow-up includes implementing tailored intelligence and security measures to influence and control the clients’ operating environments.

Harquebus personnel have risk-managed operations in the UK and overseas for military, government and corporate clients. Risk-management activities can be undertaken as part of Risk Management (before an incident occurs) or Crisis Management (during or after an incident).

Intelligence and Security Training

Consultants for Intelligence and Security Training

Harquebus Ltd has a broad experience of training design and delivery across the spectrum of intelligence and security, both in the UK and overseas.

We provide bespoke training solutions based on current British military and civilian intelligence and security practices. Our course designers and trainers are intelligence and security professionals who specialise in:

  • Intelligence processes and products
  • Counter-intelligence processes and products
  • Analysis techniques, critical thinking, threat assessments (national to tactical) and scenario generation
  • Risk management
  • Bridging the gap between a strategic vision and the delivery of intelligence and security capability
  • Harquebus Ltd has a deep understanding of how to apply the latest intelligence practices to the problems of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency. We have brought the lessons learnt in the field to the classroom to deliver interesting and relevant training