Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Crisis Management
Track and influence your operating environment
Nothing exposes the effectiveness of an organisation and its management more than a crisis event. Dealt with effectively, a crisis event can boost an organisation’s standing, but handled poorly, it has the potential to weaken the credibility of senior management and to destroy shareholder confidence.

Crisis events typically feature the following traits:

  • An immediate physical, reputational or financial threat to the organisation
  • A lack of forewarning of the threat or its severity
  • A truncated decision-action cycle

In the event of a crisis, an effective strategy with plans tested for robustness is essential to ensure cost-effective mitigation. Harquebus has broad experience of crisis management up to and including government level. This includes implementing tailored intelligence and security measures to influence and control the clients’ operating environments.
By developing your understanding of the environment and by applying scenario-generation techniques, we can assist your company to develop strategies and plans that will enable your company to survive a crisis event, leaving your reputation and value intact.

highlight threats and opportunities

military, government and corporate clients
map complex business environments