Intelligence Analysis Courses

Intelligence Analysis Courses

Intelligence Analysis Courses
Teach your analysts about bias, errors in reasoning and their role in the intelligence process

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Harquebus Fundamentals of Analysis Course
  • Description: Our Fundamentals of Analysis Course is suitable for analysts in all walks of life. It introduces analysts to critical thinking and teaches how personal biases, values and experiences affect decisions and conclusions. By “thinking about thinking” (metacognition), students are given the skills to spot when information might be incorrectly weighted during analysis (their own or someone else’s).
  • Length: 3 – 5 days.
  • Students: Anyone required to analyse information (analytical experience not necessary).
  • Output: Trained analysts with the ability to conduct more objective analysis and discuss issues using “critical thinking” language.
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Harquebus Analytic Research Methodologies (HARM)
  • Description: Our flagship course, HARM is designed for experienced analysts operating in multi-threat environments. It comprises three elements:
    Intelligence Fundamentals Element. Students are revised on the Intelligence Cycle, Collection Management and an analyst’s role throughout the intelligence process.
    Analysis Techniques Element. This element teaches a range of analysis techniques which students can use to evaluate information and present their conclusions to senior decision-makers in an auditable format.
    Critical Thinking Element. This element of the course introduces analysts to critical thinking, which explains how an individual’s personal bias, values and experiences affect how a person thinks and reaches conclusions. By thinking about thinking (metacognition), students are taught to determine what roles their information and assumptions play in analysis.
  • Length: 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Students: Experienced intelligence analysts.
  • Output: Trained strategic analysts with the ability to serve national-level or general officers.


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