Intelligence Collection Courses

Intelligence Collection Courses

Intelligence Collection Courses

Optimise your intelligence-collection effort

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Open Source Collection and Analysis (OSCA)
  • Description:Takes students to the cutting edge of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection to optimise results while reducing the risks of using OSINT.
  • Length: 1 week.
  • Students: Intelligence analysts (new to experienced).
  • Output: Analysts able to collect more effectively and with the knowledge to mitigate the risks associated with using open-source information.

Debriefing and Interviewing Techniques
  • Description: Instructs students in debriefing a willing subject to meet intelligence requirements. Covers report writing, first-line assessment, rapport building, Geneva Convention-compliant questioning techniques and the use of body language..
  • Length: 1-2 weeks.
  • Students: Students identified for work within HUMINT unit.
  • Output: Skilled debriefers able to establish rapport with a subject and develop a logical, consistent and comprehensive line of questioning derived from the intelligence requirements.

Surveillance Training
  • Description: Instructs students in covert passive surveillance (static and mobile), covert photography and communications, driving, and anti- and counter-surveillance.
  • Length: 4 weeks.
  • Students: Students identified for work in HUMINT surveillance unit.
  • Output: Trained surveillance operatives able to provide intelligence collection against a variety of target sets.

Human-source Handling
  • Description: Instructs students in recruitment and development of a Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS). Covers tradecraft (surveillance and protection), relationship building, and interviewing techniques.
  • Length: 6-8 weeks.
  • Students: Students identified for work within HUMINT unit. (The first week will be a selection process.)
  • Output: Trained agent handlers able to operate covertly and ethically to gain intelligence in pursuance of an operational goal.

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