Dynamic, Diligent and Discreet


Harquebus is an intelligence and security capability provider, delivering  globally leading services across the intelligence and security arenas including  knowledge transfer, conducting intelligence-led investigations and operations and enabling multi-nationals and NGOs to make better informed decisions in complex environments.

Our Services


Provision of Intelligence and Security solutions including knowledge transfer for the UK, allied governments, corporations and NGOs worldwide.  Our specialist knowledge is used to enhance capability to allow clients to better face complex challenges in order to achieve favourable outcomes.

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We conduct services including complex global investigations into corruption, fraud, sports doping, asset tracing and tracking, and countering business espionage.

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Through intelligence analysis, we provide our clients with tailor-made, high value commercial decision support services, enabling clients to make strategic business decisions based on facts and not fiction, protecting their business operations, assets, reputation and wealth.

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Security and Intelligence Solutions for your Industry

We have a broad experience of successfully translating government methodologies across the intelligence and security space into a spectrum of  capabilities, to give businesses information and risk management superiority over their competitors.


Harquebus Integrated Crisis Management Solutions 

We proudly introduce a ground-breaking service in crisis management – a seamless integration of operational crisis management expertise and elite crisis communication strategies.
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