Decision making cannot be achieved in an information vacuum and using intelligence-led analytical decision support techniques we enable multi-national corporations, NGOs and High Net Worth clients to ‘game’ complex decisions and potential outcomes. This allows them to make better informed decisions in complex nuanced environments with greater confidence. 

Creating a World Class Insider Threat and Due Diligence Programme For a multi-national Corporation

When entering a new market, a multi-national corporation asked Harquebus to provide complete Insider Threat Services, combining training and vetting solutions.

During the initial stages, we detected several anomalous hires that had been embedded by competing firms, as well as identifying other individuals who were assessed to be a high threat to the integrity of the organisation, due to the reputational risk they presented including links to organised crime. The Chief Security Officer has stated that Harquebus efforts are key to protecting the Corporation form insider and external attack.

Intelligence collection  

in accordance with best practice and International Law

Harquebus delivered a multi-year mentoring and training programme to ensure that a NATO aspiring Government could conduct intelligence collection operations in accordance with recognised best practice and International Law.

This included a review and reform of their Top to Bottom Oversight, Governance and Accountability mechanisms and root and branch review of their training methodology and operational practices.

This ensured that the client was able to, post program, operate independently and in accordance with the exacting requirements of both NATO and international partners.

Ensuring Protective Security

For Critical National Infrastructure

A multinational defence firm involved in a multi-billion-pound building programme was reaching a critical point in its build process. Potential delays due to areas of non-compliance around a fixed security regulatory requirement would have cost tens of millions in production delays.

Harquebus consultants, with backgrounds in project management and protective security of  Critical National Infrastructure, were able to advise on a series of measures to ensure the regulatory requirements were met. The project proceeded on time, saving the client potentially £45 million.

Intelligence Doctrine Writing

For UK Ministry of Defence

The UK MOD commissioned Harquebus to write the doctrine for a newly invoked critical aspect of the intelligence function. This doctrine informs the future structures, new capabilities and methods of operations of the British Armed Forces on future expeditionary operations.