Why Choose Harquebus?


Founded in 2010 by former Intelligence officers (civil, police and military), including the former Commanding Officer UK Defence Intelligence School, Harquebus has become one of the leading Organisations in the provision of intelligence and security training,  knowledge transfer and decision support with clients including U.K. and allied government agencies, international corporations and NGOs . Today, the core management team includes individuals with experience across government agencies, non-government organisations and the commercial intelligence sector. 


OUR MISSION:  To bring understanding from complexity and security from chaos  in order to allow Governments and businesses to operate successfully.


OUR PRINCIPLES: To strive to bring integrity, diligence and discretion to everything we do.


OUR PROMISE: To deliver world class solutions with professionalism and value for money.


OUR TEAM: We are leaders in our fields, with world class experience from the military, police and  civilian intelligence agencies and from the corporate world.