Using highly experienced former police and intelligence investigators we solve complex investigation issues involving high value fraud, sports anti-doping and corruption, asset recovery, insider threat and business espionage. We have delivered outstanding results across a range of casework against multi-jurisdictional targets.

Developing Anti-Fraud Practices Within Industry

For the Food Industry

Having identified wrong-doing, a major UK food and drinks company asked Harquebus to investigate potential fraud. During our investigations, we found a UK-wide criminal venture against our client.

Alongside a forensic evidential package, we were able to develop new security working practices which ensured this particular type of fraud could not be repeated.

Similar investigations have been carried out across other industries, including the extractive industry and pharma industry.

Industry workers

Complex Investigations – War Crimes

For an International NGO

An international NGO invited Harquebus Investigations team to provide additional investigation capability, into investigation of genocide and other war crimes by ISIL in Iraq and Syria. Working in discreet profile in a hostile environment, our investigators conducted critical witness interviews and negotiated meaningful access to others. 

This strengthened the evidence portfolio presented to International Criminal Court and led to ISIL being recognized by the United Nations as the perpetrator of a genocide of Yazidis in Iraq.

Helping Clean Up Sport


CIRC approached Harquebus for assistance in a complex multinational investigation into doping and corruption in international cycling, including the Tour De France. Over the 18 months investigation, our investigators (using their experience from working in national intelligence agencies) uncovered evidence which proved the presence of systematic organised doping, mismanagement and corruption.

Tour De France